Auction Defender Revision History

2021.05.26 build

Disabled Bid Sniping (unavailable due to eBay website changes). You can still bid in the internal web browser. More information is available on the main page.
2021.03.15 builds,

Fixed seller feedback scores, update necessray because of eBay website changes.
Updated International Daylight Saving Time tables.
2021.02.17 build

Fixed early ended auctions - caused by eBay servers returning occasional errors that auctions are not found.
Note: Use CTRL+F5 to refresh auctions that are incorrectly marked as ended (or delete/import them in AD).
2021.01.09 build

Added warning dialog when eBay user and auction are using different eBay websites.
2020.12.28 build

Updated eBay logins to display dialogs/errors in browser in case of login issues.
2020.12.21 build

Fixed eBay user login issues.
2020.12.05 build

Updated import from search.
2020.10.18 build

Updated Daylight Savings Time tables.
2020.07.12 build

Fixed imports from myEbay, issue caused by website updates.
Updated program automatic eBay signin/cookie checks.
2020.06.01 build

Fixes for automatic eBay login.
2020.05.11 build

Fix for import from search results eBay pages caused by eBay website udpates.
2020.05.06 build

Update for eBay UK login forms and test logins.
2020.04.20 build

Fixed import from search due to eBay website updates.
2020.03.28 build

Updated parsing of multiple-item Buy It Now auctions quantity sold.
2020.03.08 build

Daylight Savings Time tables update.
2020.03.07 build

Added advanced setting to automatically close auctions closed early by seller or out of stock.
Fixed an issue with some won fixed price single item auctions not closing automatically.
Updated messages to prompt for deleting cookies/testing eBay accounts on login failures.
2020.01.20 build

Ebay login update, fix for larger MyEbay imports.
2020.01.16 build

Fix for possible crash condition on instant bid with deleted AD cookies.
Fix for old installed AD registry keys, another possible cause of 211 login error.
2020.01.12 build

Fix for possibble 211 error (eBay login before bid).
Updated logic for importing from "My eBay".
Minor internal improvements.
2019.12.20 build

Fix for advanced setting that tests eBay logins when scheduling bids
2019.12.18 build

Streamlined eBay logins further, reduced login time (it has no effect on snipe times).
Updated imports of "Watched" eBay items, temporarily removed purchase history/bids imports.
Removed web snipes synchronization because of web snipe ebay login sessions issues.
Minor internal bug fixes and parser updates.
2019.12.04 build

Fixes for eBay login issues.
Windows XP is no longer supported because of the necessary login changes.
2019.11.03 build

Updated fix for eBay login error where users are presented with eBay verification/captcha error (requires browser login).
2019.10.16 build and

Additional fixes for eBay login errors and international ebay logins related to last update.
2019.10.14 build

Fixed eBay user login error caused by eBay website updates.
2019.09.28 build

Updated Daylight Savings Times tables.
Updated setup to allow for skipping of VC++ redistributables installation.
2019.06.05 build

updated auctions database save algorithm to reduce possible writing issues.
Reworked "Available", "Total Qty" and "Sold" columns to reflect eBay website updates.
updaed signin parser to detect validation code requests
2019.04.04 build

Fix for "unknown auction status" in some auctions caused by eBay website changes.
2019.03.17 build

Fix for high bidder name not showing because of eBay website updates.
2019.03.14 build

Fix for deleted items being re-imported after reboot.
Minor internal improvements.
2019.03.10 build

Daylight Saving Time tables updated.
Updated parser for "Sold" Buy It Now items, remaining quantity, out of stock auctions.
Updated closed auctions refresh limit from 90 to 180 days (using CTRL+F5).
Fix for the "File > Save as" and "File > New" menus not functioning correctly.
2018.12.23 build

Fix for importing closed auctions to exclude "recommended" listing.
2018.11.18 build

Parser improvements for "My eBay" and search importing.
Fix for displaying high bidder column correctly.
2018.09.24 build

Fix for "Test eBay account" login passing the test with incorrect passwords.
2018.08.16 build

Fix for "high bidder" column in AD due to eBay website changes.
Added another text string to bids error handling.
2018.06.20 build

Fix for eBay search results imports (exclude "Results matching fewer words" in some search results)
2018.06.07 build

Updated fix for eBay displaying "similar" items in place of ended ended/removed auctions.
2018.06.05 build

Fix for an issue caused by eBay update displaying/importing "similar" items in place of ended/removed auctions.
2018.05.23 build

Minor internal improvements, eBay signin update.
2018.04.19 build

Fixed a possible issue caused by the version of MS VC++ shared libraries in some Operating Systems.
2018.04.16 build

Improved alerts, added options to alert on price/quantity decrease.
2018.02.23 build

Updated Daylight Saving Times for 2018
Updated logic after DST time change to refresh pending snipes and auctions closing soon.
Fixed SMTP server errors on email alerts
Updated buy it now with bid option auction URLs
2017.12.27 build

Internal updates and minor bug fixes.
2017.12.12 build

New Firefox v.57 browser extension required: AD Firefox extension (newer Firefox versions after v.53)
Fixed high bidder/bid history parsing - issue caused by eBay site updates
Updated seller feedback parsing
Fixed internal browser eBay search button
2017.10.28 build

Fixed critical snipe bid issue with unrecognized auctions caused by eBay site changes
Minor fix for alerts after cancelled/unrecognized auction status
Fixed drag/drop of grid column headings
2017.09.27 build

Updated Australian Daylight Saving Time tables
Minor internal bug fixes and improvements
2017.09.04 build

Updated eBay search results parsing.
Fixed on exit message dialog
Added manual backup option
Added alert condition on quantity change
Updated setup file to address some possible crash condition
2017.08.08 build

Increased download timout for updates
Fixed possible crash condition under some OSes by updating undelrying libs and adding OpenSSL thread safety.
Removed .tmp auctions database file saves to reduce possible issues introduced with
Fixed alerts save on restart.
Improved debug logging
2017.07.02 build

Updated imports from MyEbay to support newer eBay format.
Updated algorithm for saving the auctions database to reduce the risk of corruption.
Fixed a crash on data export.
2017.06.02 build

Fixed an issue with some internal browser threads not closing properly on program exit.
2017.05.31 build

Fixed internal browser home page issue (not corresponding to settings).
Fixed an issue with some searches
Fixed a bug with synchronizing with eBay time causing a crash under some OSes.
2017.05.20 build

Updated imports from search algorithm.
Fixed issue with some AD usernames not being saved when upgrading to 3.2
Added separate Windows XP updates (under XP, upgrades to 3.2 require download form the website).
2017.05.18 build

Updated integrated browser to Chromium (30Mb larger download, please be patient)
Fixed imports from search (where there are no matching results)
2017.03.12 build

Updated Daylight Savings Time tables
Fixed alert on Windows shutdown while active pending bids.
Updated parsing of errors for items removed by seller.
2017.03.02 build

Updated logic for refreshing closed auctions, and manually changing their status.
Added user-selectable filter to Import > Watched dialog to import active-only auctions.
Updated auction won/lost/outbid sound effects.
2017.01.31 build

Fixed an issue with incorrectly classified closed auctions with "out of stock" status.
2017.01.19 build
Updated import to correctly parse number of bids, current and buy it now prices.
2016.12.01 build
Fixed embedded Internet Explorer browser.
Added logging, messages and checks to restart internal browser only if memory leak is detected.
2016.10.30 build
Updated International Daylight Savings dates (does not affect US time zones).
2016.10.10 build
Fixed an issue with long URLs and Chrome extension importing to AD.
Added more descriptive error messages when placing web snipes through program.
Improved database file save on exit logic to prevent possible corruption condition.
Fixed encoding of some special characters in Auction titles.
2016.09.01 build
Added options to sort by currency then value to the grid/import dialog.
Fixed GBP currency symbol issue.
2016.08.01 build
Fixed URL redirects for "make offer" and "buy it now" updated by eBay.
Updated eBay login form parameters (possible login issue)
Added functionality to detect user's eBay site automatically
Added functionality to select eBay user automatically based on preferred eBay site
2016.05.25 build
Fixed an issue with exporting auctions and using multiple .ad3 database files.
2016.05.11 builds -
Updated parser for international eBay official time pages.
Fixed embedded browser throwing an exception on program exit.
2016.03.19 builds -
Fixed issues with time synchronization caused by eBay official time fluctuating by 20 seconds after the Daylight Savings time change.
2016.03.15 build
Fixed an issue with incorrectly reported snipe results in some cases due to eBay website changes
2016.02.26 build
Moved license update URL to external default browser
Updated DST dates
Added missing eBay signin error messages to parser.
Other minor internal updates
2016.02.03 build
Fixed import from search/selling due to eBay website updates
Updated web bid result refresh
Internal updates and improvements (Curl, SSL, etc.)
2016.01.05 build
Turned off default loading of in internal browser due to Microsoft KB3132372 issues
Improved backup/restore logic
Program now remembers window size and maximized state on restart
Internal fixes and improvements
2015.11.23 build
Fixes for end date and other details on closed "Buy it Now" auctions.
2015.11.11 build
Fix for a new eBay signin form variant.
2015.11.06 build
Fixed minor annoyances introduced by latest eBay maintenance update, and another potential eBay signing issue.
Added logging and parsing for new eBay errors ("Invalid Item", "Secret Questions", etc.)
Added logging for eBay login testing in the Options dialog
2015.11.03 build
Fixed eBay signin issues caused by website maintenance updates.
AD internal improvements and updates (parser, SSL library, etc.)
2015.10.28 build
Fixed signin issues due to eBay website changes
Added feature to warn if seller feedback is less than preset percentage
Added keyboard shortcut for web bids (Ctrl+W) per users request
2015.08.12 build
Fixed bid group conditional bid logic bug (only affects cases with unknown high-bidder)
2015.08.12 build
Updated internal browser compatibility with Windows 10
Added Google Chrome extension for easier importing of auctions into AD
Updated program log flushing for easier debugging
2015.05.19 build
Updated shipping requests due to eBay website changes
Changed manual item refresh (F5) to update auction shipping as well
2015.03.24 build
Added icon for web snipes
Added sync check after placing web bids
Additional Daylight Saving Time check when eBay DST date is different than client
2015.02.18 build
Fixed smtp client for email alerts
Fixed grid last colum resize possible crash condition
2014.12.10 build
Improved image downloading for auctions
Added more debug information for imports
Updated embedded browser version
Added message when trying to synchronize more than 50 pending web snipes
2014.11.27 build
Fixed seller fees parsing (eBay updates)
2014.11.24 build
Removed "Won" alert on auction close for fixed price multiple items
Fixed "Reserve not met" parser (eBay updates)
Fixed "quantity" and "sold" columns (eBay updates)
2014.11.15 builds,
Fixes for issues with loading auction images (eBay updates)
2014.10.28 build
Fixed auction parser - eBay website updates
Updated Search to work with auction names
Updated Scheduled import (added eBay user for custom shipping options)
2014.10.07 build
Fixed number of bids grid column
Fixed watching grid column
Changed alert on importing duplicate auctions
Updated Firefox 64-bit extension and added to setup
2014.08.11 build
Additional eBay user/password checks when placing snipes
Fixed issue with parsing status of won auctions for some eBay sites
Added all countries as default shipping options.
2014.08.11 build
Fixed mass import from eBay (issue caused by eBay website changes)
Fixed eBay signin on program start
Web snipe timezone updates and fixes for international sites
2014.07.10 build
Fixed mass import from some eBay urls
Updated web snipe results to synchronize with AD
Fixed import from Auction Sentry format
Fixed possible scheduled import crash condition
Updated http request headers and other minor improvements
2014.05.23 build
Fixed Seller Sort menu (ability to sort by seller feedback score, percentage, or alphabetically)
Updated shipping logic (user, global default shipping settings, or default eBay userid)
Updated export - added flag integer
2014.03.28 build
Fixes for parser due to eBay website updates (process bid, Paypal EU, auction price)
2014.02.06 build
Improved Seller Sort - added ability to sort by feedback score/percentage
Updated Daylight Saving 2014 dates
Updated end date parsing
Fixed status for won closed fixed price items
Improved group bid dialog (subtract shipping when checked, etc.)
2014.01.22 build
Updated Internal Browser
Updated some links to eBay in program
2014.01.18 build
Fix for special characters in auction titles
Fix for myEbay importing
Improvements in detecting empty/incomplete pages
Updates in error logging
2013.12.12 build
Fixes and updates because of eBay website changes:
- fix for BuyItNow auctions
- fix for auction images
- fix for importing from myEbay
Updates and fixes in error logging
2013.11.10 build
Fix for some auction pages showing as fixed price listings due to eBay website changes.
Updated bid groups menu to accomodate larger number of groups.
Changed outbid alert after cancelled bids.
Fixed quantity update for multiple qantity listings.
2013.10.18 build
Updated International Daylight Saving Dates.
Updated License expired date format.
Minor internal improvements to logging.
2013.09.24 build
Fix to exclude "related items" from search results imports.
Fix for importing single items showing multiple dialog due to eBay website changes.
Minor internal improvements.
2013.08.19 build
Updated parser to reflect eBay website changes for BIN auctions, end date and buyer country restrictions.
Updated Backup/Restore to work with custom database files outside the default location.
2013.07.15 build
Fixed conditional bid that checks for auctions without bids.
2013.06.25 build
Added Israel to countries being shipped to
Fixed import from search and from "My eBay"
Added keyboard shortcut for opening auction pages (ALT+O)
Added AD column for number of people watching auctions (where user is the seller)
2013.06.01 build
Fixed item quantity
Minor internal improvements
2013.05.09 build
Added double-click functionality to alert messages
Fixed seller feedback
Updated HTTP requests
2013.04.05 build
Parser update for incorrect "won" items due to eBay website changes
2013.03.29 build
Slow import of auctions fix
Scheduled update check fix
Minor internal improvements
2013.03.22 build
Fix to automatic start with Windows
Updated seller feedback parsing
Updated number of bids parsing
Leave seller feedback menu item
2013.03.15 build
Fix for some international Daylight Saving Times (DST) dates
2013.03.06 build
Updated Daylight Saving Times (DST) dates
Added another bid condition per users requests (cancel bid on auctions with zero bids)
Minor internal improvements
2012.12.18 Build
Added automatic sunchronization of web snipes with the AD server.
Added right-click context menu for sending auctions to My eBay Watch list
Fix for "Move to file" menu
Fix for seller feedback parsing
Improved "High Bid" and "Buy it now" columns and tooltips per users' feedback
2012.11.14 Build
Update for better parsing of international eBay sites.
Fixed scheduled import to exclude eBay suggested alternate search results.
Fix for possible crash after scheduled auto-deleting of auctions and importing.
2012.10.30 Build
Fix for changes that caused auctions to appear "removed from eBay"
Added high bidder feedback number
Added parsing for eBay mobile
Fix for some "Buy it Now" auctions due to eBay website changes
Fix to closed items price change algorithm
added web snipe synchronization limit
removed the "n/a" in "my bid" column per users' request
2012.10.16 Build
Updated end date parsing
Fix for eBay motors search results and image parsing
2012.10.04 Build
Updated parser logic for item status
Improved sort after import
Fixed email bug report error
minor internal improvements and bug fixes
2012.09.27 Build
Parser fixes and updates for eBay beta pages
Fix for possible program lockup with some eBay beta pages
Bug fix for program auto-start and Windows XP
2012.09.25 Build
Fix for possible program lockup bug introduced recently
Added alert on changed number of bids
Bugs/parser fixes reflected in legacy version
2012.09.24 Build
Fix for international eBay sites shipping
Refresh item fixes for international sites
Fix for some grid URLs on double-click
Updated "show group" menu
minor internal improvements
reflected in legacy version as well
2012.09.19 Build
Fix for import from My eBay for international sites
reflected in legacy version as well
2012.09.18 Build
Fix for parsing item description of some closed auctions
Updated in legacy v. as well
2012.09.17 Build
Updated International Daylight Saving Time dates
Fixed item parser issues
Fixed search import parser
Updated "Item cost" column
Fixed "cancell web bid + web synchronize" issue
other small internal updates
Updated legacy version DST and search import parser
2012.08.28 Build
Updated web bid synchronization
Fixed issues with import from search results
Fix for group delete of auctions
Increased limit for refreshing of old auctions
Added "Recent Auctions" view
Added UTF-8 handling of special characters on eBay login
Added column "Sold" with number of sold items
Added "Alert - quantity sold (change)
other small internal updates
2012.08.28 Build Legacy
Fixed refresh/search parser
2012.07.30 Build
Online Bidding (Beta)! You can now schedule bids through our web server if you prefer.
parser updates
2012.07.19 Build
Parser updates to fix no end date on some auctions caused by eBay website changes
2012.05.30 Build
Fixed Alerts - price/quantity change for BuyItNow auctions and wording
Fix for current auction status when bidding outside the program
Updated item count parser
2012.05.02 Build
Fixed an issue with default user password not being saved for MyEbay imports
Updated System tray alerts
2012.04.25 Build
Added tooltips to system tray when program is minimized
bid group properties accessible by double-clicking group column in grid
added bid group validation at program start
added My eBay > Saved searches import
fixed issue with eBay blocked auctions for international eBay items
2012.03.29 Build
Updated item description parser.
2012.03.22 Build
Fixed "Recent Items" view pane.
Changed handling of refresh for closed auctions older than 2 months.
Reduced minimum limit of scheduled import timer per users' request.
Updated Firefox browser extension.
2012.03.20 Build
Parser updates
2012.03.12 Build
Daylight Savings time updated
2012.03.07 Build
Fixed search results import due to eBay website changes
Added context menu to "Ask seller a question"
2012.02.24 Build
Auction Description parsing fix
Added backup/export of colors and alerts
minor internal improvements
2012.02.07 Builds,
fix for mass import from search results, issues caused by eBay website changes
2012.01.26 Builds,
fix for wakeup from suspend with multiple timers
Australian DST date changed
log time changed from eBay US to preferred eBay site
minor internal improvements in version 3
2012.01.19 Builds,
updated item parsing
fixed bid group/folder sorting
fix for bug report maximum email attachment size
fix to always display main AD window regardless of minimized settings
v.2 specific - bidding when price above buy it now fix
2011.12.29 : Build
Improved user custom shipping
Added bid/refresh buttons to "View Auction" window
Fixed alert sound muting
Fixed bid when price above BuyItNow price
Fixed custom grid background color
Updated conditional/group bid logic when winning bidder is unknown
2011.12.02 : Builds and
Improved Import (from search) dialog
version 3.x updates:
log view updates
system tray tooltip alerts
custom shipping updates
flag updates
custom display currency updates
minor improvements (bid properties/dialog tooltips, edit notes apply hot key, etc.)
2011.11.03 : Builds and users will need to run the setup from our website to update.
3.x specific updates:
Added flag on import option per users' requests
Favorites sorting update
Fix for saving user set sort/column width across restarts.
Program stability improvement (improved grid logic to avoid possible crash condition)
2011.10.21 : Builds and
Fix for time remaining due to eBay website changes
Update to bid dialog (accepts commas/periods, pre-fills larger of snipe or min bid)
3.x specific updates:
Favorites/saved searches fixes
internal updates to prevent possible crashes due to some grid field limitations.
2011.10.11 : Builds and
Fix for placing bids due to eBay website changes
Version 3.x fix for crash when importing/refreshing some auctions.
2011.10.10 : Builds and
Fix for My eBay watched items import of multiple pages
Bid dialog default changed to snipe bid always
minor internal updates
2011.10.04 : Builds and
Fix for crash when opening some AD2 .adf files for import.
Daylight Savings Time dates update.
2011.10.02 : Build
Updated Firefox extension to work with version 7.x
Updated "deleted auctions" algorithm
Changed auctions import to skip deleted items
added vertical grid lines options per users' request
removed limit to item details column width
updated backup file algorithm
minor internal updates
2011.09.17 : Build
Fix for blocked sellers
updated bid buttons
fix for pending snipes with empty user/pass
updated log entry for time synchronization
fix for "automatic eBay login" in Internet Explorer
updated bid group logic
other minor internal updates
2011.08.23 : Builds and BETA
updated parsing for refreshing auction informatin
2011.08.23 : Builds and BETA
fixed import of some "My eBay" auctions
fixed import by using the "Add Item" button
minor internal improvements
2011.08.19 : Builds and BETA
fixed ebay time and changed PC clock sync to request admin priviledges under Vista and Windows 7
fixed prepare bid parsing due to eBay website changes
fixed currency parser
added alerts - bid change/ending soon for flagged auctions
minor internal improvements
2011.07.12 : Builds and BETA
fix to minimize to system tray instead of taskbar
improve ability to change ebay user in bid dialog
fix for item updates (end date, accepted/declined offers)
added advanced option to update bid history pages on refresh
updated algorithm when manually changing auctions to won/lost status
minor internal improvements
2011.06.27 : Builds and BETA
reduced HTTP requests on refreshing auctions, removed bid history parsing where possible
added option to hide the taskbar icon on minimize under Windows 7
fixed logic for users not in the program's options.
small internal improvements
2011.06.15 : Build BETA
Fixed bid logic for users not in the program's options
Fixed dates in error log
Fixed auction refresh when "random refresh" is turned off
small internal improvements
2011.06.12 : Builds and BETA

Fixed "unrecognized auction status" error caused by eBay website changes.
2011.06.04 : Builds and BETA
Updated bid results parser.
Fixed import from search for some European eBay sites.
Updated some auction updates to only fire after login.
Fixed link for emailing bug reports in the Help menu in v.3.
2011.05.30 : Build BETA
Fixed eBay time synchronization 5 minutes before bidding and at preset intervals.
Updated parsing of eBay "item ended" auction status.
Changed auto-deleting of auctions in the "Deleted" group from 10 to 30 days.
Made some small dialog text corrections.
2011.05.17 : Build BETA
Added offline mode, program will remember license data if computer is not connected to the net.
Added option to turn off snipe bid confirmation
Fixed "open auction" link in bid dialog
added "show grid images" button to top navigation bar
various minor bug fixes and internal improvements
2011.05.05 : Build BETA
Added more options to the import/export settings dialog
fixed view dialog number count
small internal improvements
2011.05.04 : Build BETA
fixed an issue with license change when you open a differend database file
added delete/undelete buttons to "Deleted items" view
fixed a bug with AD2 file import
2011.04.26 : Build BETA
This is a new major release still in BETA testing. It is downloadable from our downloads page.
It will offer a number of improvements over AD2, a new license with a free limited version and the same annual fee.
April 26, 2011 : Build
Fixed parsing for eBay European sites
Updated parsing of bid count caused by eBay website changes
April 19, 2011 : Build
Update of closing time parsing for Buy it Now items (eBay has removed end date from BiN auctions).
April 12, 2011 : Build
Fixed auction close time for some Buy it Now items (eBay has removed end date from BiN auctions).
April 4, 2011 : Build
reduced possibility of triggering CAPTCHA login verification where possible.
reduced unnecessary bid history page requests to eBay
updated login logic at program startup
updated downloading images
March 28, 2011 : Build
Updated Mozilla extension to be compatible with Firefox 4 .
Fixed parser issues for search import and bid history, caused by eBay website changes.
March 18, 2011 : Build
Updated "bid" parser, issues caused by eBay website updates.
March 10, 2011 : Build
Updated parser for "refresh" event.
Updated DST table.
March 4, 2011 : Build
Fixed favorites bug.
February 28, 2011 : Build
Fix for number of imported items from search.
Updated parser for login/bidding to reflect eBay website changes.
Added logging of last auction update that determines winning bid.
February 22, 2011 : Build
Fix for auction end time - error caused by eBay website changes.
Updated import from search parsing - some searches were missing the last item on pages.
February 09, 2011 : Build
Added option to color newly imported auctions differently before they're reviewed.
Added folders to "Favorites" per users' suggestions.
December 14, 2010 : Build
fix for import from "My eBay"
December 8, 2010 : Build
fix for won/lost auction status
improved bidding request time by using a totally separate thread
November 1, 2010 : Build
fix for waking up to bid from suspend mode under Windows 7
fix for multiple page import from search due to eBay website changes
October 25, 2010 : Build
fix for European eBay site changes (parser errors)
October 22, 2010 : Build
mass import fix
October 14, 2010 : Build
shipping column fix
seller column fix
improved bid algorithm for unknown auction types.
September 02, 2010 : Build
Added optional "Image view" to grid.
Fixed seller column parsing.
Added option to manually set auction status to open items (right-click context menu).
August 10, 2010 : Build
Fixed importing auctions issues caused by eBay website updates.
July 28, 2010 : Build
improved internal search engine (includes mixed words, id, description, seller, high bidder, notes, ships to/location)
July 27, 2010 : Build
fixed bid history parsing for auctions with accepted offers.
updated seller fees parsing
updated internal search
June 17, 2010 : Build
updated "top seller" parsing
May 30, 2010 : Build
updated My eBay imports
May 17, 2010 : Build
fixed bid history due to eBay website changes
May 30, 2010 : Build
updated My eBay imports
May 15, 2010 : Build
fixed seller and high bidder due to eBay website changes
April 20, 2010 : Build
fixed import parser due to eBay website changes
updated Firefox extension (works with Firefox 3.6.*)
added Internet Explorer x64 extension
March 12, 2010 : Build
fixed auction import from search due to eBay website changes
added "View full log" option to log window
minor fix for check box that notifies of pending bids on program exit
February 01, 2010 : Build
fixed seller feedback parsing and top rated seller icon
fixed display error with buy it now price discounts
fixed image downloading for some items
January 12, 2010 : Build
fixed seller column
added multiple selection custom shipping
December 12, 2009 : Build
updated parsing of seller fees
updated parsing of seller feedback
added custom country shipping to general options
added custom currency symbol to general options
added error handling for eBay error "eBay Activity Limit reached" with unverified accounts
November 4, 2009 : Build
- fix for possible "unrecognized auction status" while bidding.
October 23, 2009 : Build
- fixed Favorites menu links
- fixed "Buy It Now" check box in import dialog
October 21, 2009 : Build
- fixed "unrecognized auctions status" while logging in to bid on some items caused by eBay website updates.
- updated sorting of Favorites menu.
September 23, 2009 : Build
- fixed empty item description for international eBay websites.
- fixed seller positive feedback percentage for international eBay sites.
September 22, 2009 : Build
- fixed empty item description caused by eBay website changes
- fixed "No auctions to load" on import error caused by eBay website changes
- fixed seller positive feedback percentage
- fixed closed auctions BuyItNow price
- updated "Reserve not met" parser
- updated end of auction events
September 15, 2009 : Build
- fixed image in Bid dialog caused by eBay website updates.
- updated eBay login on startup for bid history pages.
- updated shipping information logic.
- updated bids count and bid history pages parser.
- updated "Classified Ads" parser.
- added "Blocked by CA Parental Controls" error handling.
- added double-click functionality in import dialog to open auction pages in browser.
- added Alert "ending soon (watched)" auctions.
- added Alert "ending soon (no bids)" for auctions with zero bids.
- streamlined all "ending soon" alerts to 10 minutes before auction end.
- added some alert sounds.
- updated auction description sorting to disregard case and white spaces.
August 28, 2009 : Build
- updated import from search parser.
- updated shipping information logic.
- updated refresh of closed items logic.
- minor internal updates.
August 15, 2009 : Build
- fixed a "page not responding" error caused by eBay site updates.
- fixed sort by price in import dialog.
- fixed parsing of some eBay search result pages in import dialog.
- updated parser for refreshing auction information.
- added custom select/refresh menus.
- fixed help dialog on pressing F1.
August 11, 2009 : Build
- fixed some auctions showing incorrectly as "fixed price."
- added "Favorites" menu and linked to import from search result pages.
- added "Add to Favorites" button to internal browser.
- added "email auction(s) bug report" right-click option to send bug reports for specific items.
- moved "Email bug report" to Tools menu.
- added "Edit" text menu.
- minor internal updates.
June 28, 2009 : Build
- fixed parsing of URLs when dragged in AD or pasting as auction number
- fixed suspend mode after waking up computer for sniping
- fixed possible "reserve not met" and "buy it now" errors due to eBay website changes
- added borders on bid change alerts for better visualization
May 21, 2009 : Build
- fixed empty item description for some eBay motors items due to eBay website updates
- fixed a possible error in getting shipping details
- updated "change registration" procedure and license key updates.
- added "delete" button in bid dialog upon user request
- added "deleted items" group for easier management of reimporting deleted auctions
- added "download auction image after import" advanced option
- updated logging of errors
April 28, 2009 : Build
- added [re]bid buttons to the outbid alert and bid dialog for quicker bidding when outbid.
- fixed import from seller/search pagination
- fixed shippnig currency for UK auctions
- parser update for auctions with more than 10 quantity
- improved logging and added multiple select/copy.
- minor fix in alert messages
March 22, 2009 : Build
- fixed possible end date/time issues caused by eBay changes
- added option to hide local currency symbols
- added "snipe id" column per users request
- added log settings shortcut to event log menu
March 16, 2009 : Build
- update for multiple page My eBay watched items import
- fixed change of selected item when adding to bid group
- added local time tooltip to End Date column
- added single-click flagging of items in the grid
March 11, 2009 : Build
- correction for Daylight Savings Time (DST) for some international sites
- added bid group custom column background color option
- added minutes to scheduled import dialog
- fixed possible issue with "Item removed" error handling
- added items count in "View" menu
February 25, 2009 : Build
- improved shipping column import for international sites
- improved "Item removed" temporary eBay errors handling
- improved http request error logging
February 4, 2009 : Build
- fixed issues with import from "My eBay" beta and some international sites.
- fixed a problem with some fields when importing from Auction Sentry files.
January 22, 2009 : Build
- updated import from "My eBay" beta format.
January 18, 2009 : Build
- added importing of data files in multiple formats, including CSV and Auction Sentry files.
- improved file export
- fixed a problem with keeping AD minimized when importing auctions option.
January 7, 2009 : Build
- fixed import of multiple search result pages
December 15, 2008 : Build
- fixed access to "mature audiences" category
- added "instant bid" to multiple auction bid dialog
- updated grid column spacing/size and auction number import field
- added advanced option to skip selecting newly imported item
- fixed price check for "buy it now" auctions in bid dialog
- updated color schemes to display currently selected option
November 22, 2008 : Build
- fix for bid groups where winning multiple items is specified.
- updated the "Find" auction dialog.
- added advanced option to keep AD minimized on importing auctins from a browser.
- fixed a problem with some international auctions when using default eBay site other than
November 14, 2008 : Build
- fixed a problem with some international auctions caused by eBay website updates.
- minor internal updates/fixes.
November 1, 2008 : Build
- updated international eBay auctions, change to eBay websites.
- updated auction parser.
- improved time synchronization to account for http request delay.
October 29, 2008 : Build
- updated shipping column, problem caused by eBay website changes.
October 26, 2008 : Build
- updated Import from seller/search dialogs.
- added new "beta" format of auction pages.
- updated classified ads format due to eBay website changes.
- fixed export to CSV file format.
- added time synchronization statistics to the Tools > View Statistics menu.
- added statistics to debug log.
September 18, 2008 : Build
Fix for eBay beta version pages, prompted by recent changes to the eBay website. We're working on improving program stability with different versions of the same pages.
September 17, 2008 : Build
- updated internal logic for removed items.
- fixed search results import issue with some URLs.
- fixed seller feedback issue
August 26, 2008 : Build
- added high bidder feedback information
- updated bid history for private auctions
- added handling of pages where eBay returns "Page No Longer Available"
- fixed a problem with new beta style of eBay pages.
July 31, 2008 : Build
- updated high bidder and bid history page parsing
- fixed an issue with bid history pages for dutch auctions
- fixed import from seller for multiple page results
- updated seller rating
- updated parsing of ebay live auction pages
- fix for possible program crashing
- added a warning dialog when placing a bid over Buy It Now price
July 21, 2008 : Build
- updated browser extension to work with FireFox 3.0.1
- fixed an issue wtih bid counts on dutch/buy it now auctions.
- updated parser of bid history pages
- added optional grid lines and fonts to the auction grid, fixed encoding issues displaying some special characters.
- added right-click menu item to manually change status of closed auctions (won/lost) per user request.
June 25, 2008 : Build
- FireFox 3.0 extension (compatability upgrade, it is recommended to close your browser while upgrading)
- fixed a problem importing multiple auctions from search results pages due to eBay website updates.
- updated item refreshing to correct a seller/feedback issue
- updated manual item refresh to include bid history/number of bids.
- added a "View log" option to the auctions right-click menu for an item-specific log.
May 22, 2008 : Build
- fixed seller feedback showing as zero due to eBay website changes.
- updated bid algorithm
- added "last import" column to to scheduled import dialog
- fixed double-click in scheduled import dialog
- updated minimized/maximized state per user request
- fixed minor error removing ng profit/loss columns from the auction grid
- fixed license date format in "About" window
- fixed option to shutdown computer after bidding
April 21, 2008 : Build
- fixed an issue with Mature Audiences categories due to eBay website update.
- updated messages/log when eBay returns errors that buyer requirements are not met.
- updated program messages when eBay returns errors due to "technical dificculties".
- minor internal logic and log improvements.
April 02, 2008 : Build
- fixed an issue incorrectly identifying some auctions caused by eBay website update.
- fixed a problem with the Mature Audiences category caused by eBay website update.
- updated log/messages at bid time.
March 19, 2008 : Build
- updated bid logic.
- added updates/support license renewal dialog.
- updated ebay login error messages.
February 20, 2008 : Build
- fixed an issue with some "Attention buyer" forms at bid time.
- fixed a Vista issue with the trial version showing "expired" under some versions.
- fixed possible Vista auto-update problem for limited user accounts.
- updated the default eBay user algorithm when using multiple eBay ids.
February 17, 2008 : Build
- fixed eBay login cookie for usernames with special non-alphanumeric characters.
- updated bypassing of possible "Attention buyer" form when bidding.
- updated Firefox plugin under Windows Vista.
- upgraded setup/update files
February 08, 2008 : Build
- fixed a potential early closed status on some open auctions.
- fixed number formatting in status bar times.
- updated bid dialog for items imported after the user has bid outside the program.
January 19, 2008 : Build
- fixed a problem with some auctions showing as "fixed price" incorrectly due to an eBay website update.
January 16, 2008 : Build
- updated import functionality for new eBay search result pages.
- added "week" user setting to the Date/Time formatting by user request.
- increased space for eBay/refresh times in the status bar.
- updated AD to remember the main window size between sessions.
- added advanced user setting to specify refresh interval in the last 5 minutes before bid.
- updated algorithm for user bid history parsing on closed private/lot auctions.
- fixed path for sound files with new installations.
- fixed a bug with the program crashing if grid columns are added and moved before saving.
- added an extra check at bid time for eBay login status.
- added hotkey to enter bid dialog from grid when using only the keyboard.
- added settings to change registration email and view license expiration date to help menus.
December 5, 2007 : Build
- added handling for additional eBay error messages, like "transaction blocked".
- updated "fixed price" and "auction" style detection algorithm.
- AD logo no longer displays when starting the program minimized.
- updated item selection to remain after sorting.
- added file size in the "Restore" dialog.
- added warning for maximum bid above "Buy it Now" price.
November 16, 2007 : Build
- added "manufacturer recalls" and other "attention" form processing to be able to snipe special auction types.
- increased days to be able to refresh auctions to 60, included date errors.
- added a view filter for items specifically with "no bid group" by user demand.
- added processing for eBay error form for users without a linked valid PayPal account.
November 13, 2007 : Build
- fixed a bug caused by eBay website date format changes today (may require re-import of some open auctions).
November 1, 2007 : Build
- fixed a critical bid error caused by eBay login form change.
- fixed ebay seller fees import caused by eBay website change.
- corrected a minor spelling error with backup .adf files.
October 28, 2007 : Build
- fixed imports from "My eBay" due to eBay website changes.
- fixed possible auction hanging in the grid.
- fixed possible two instances of AD starting with Windows.
- updated error logging.
- updated bid history recognition for private listings.
- updated all http calls to minimize number of communication errors.
September 26, 2007 : Build
- added optional Internet Explorer login to the program settings.
- fixed an incorrect alert message when bidding if auction has closed.
- updated bid parser.
September 17, 2007 : Build
- added bold column option for any column in the auction grid.
- added hotkey for eBay time synchronization per users' request.
- updated auctions parser to reflect minor eBay website changes.
- updated import functions.
- updated sleep/suspend mode support.
September 5, 2007 : Build
- added partial support for waking up computers from suspend mode as needed to place bids.
- fixed an incorrect "outbid" message for some auctions cased by recent eBay website changes.
- corrected number of bids for private auctions.
- updated custom refresh times for bid groups.
August 23, 2007 : Build
- updated program to reflect eBay website change in high bidder and closed auction winning price.
- updated "auction refresh countdown" in status bar to reflect custom group refresh times.
August 9, 2007 : Build
- fixed eBay time synchronization problem, due to eBay website change
- added "restore" option for auctions file
- added limit to maximum working threads
- program now saves last view filter upon restart
- registration issues fixed
- import improvements for international users
- fixed statistics for signin time
- fixed possible issue with deleting bids after item is removed from the program
July 21, 2007 : Build
- fixed custom flags (broken in version
- fixed trial period problems (showing "expired" trial period incorrectly to some users)
Note: If you have a problem with the automatic update from version, redownload/install the program from the setup file (it should retain all settings/auctions).
July 19, 2007 : Build
- added seller profit columns, with automatic eBay fees calculation.
- fixed parser errors in program caused by eBay website changes today.
- fixed empy "Item description" column for items with subtitle caused by eBay website changes.
- fixed auctions with no visible "End Date" as per the new eBay store item listings.
- changed program setup for Vista compatability
- changed program settings location to allow limited user accounts to save settings/searches/blocked sellers.
- fixed IE import button in Windows Vista (requires installation from the setup file).
- miscellaneous internal improvements and updates.
Note: If you have a problem with the automatic update, redownload/install the program from the setup file (it should retain all settings/auctions).
June 26, 2007 : Build
- added grid color for items user is selling
- fixed a Windows 2000 import from search issue
- added 12/24hr time format choice for end date
- added import option for closed "won" auctions from my eBay.
- fixed number of "bids" for single item fixed price auctions.
- fixed auto-delete function to be called periodically (every 12h).
- updated logic for time synchronization with eBay before bidding.
- added more fields to the event log filter options.
June 01, 2007 : Build
- updated eBay forms encoding to allow for non-ASCII eBay passwords.
- fixed possible crash condition on "Auction ending" alert while refreshing the same auction.
- fixed Buy It Now auctions to show one bid if bought, rather than 0 bids.
- other minor internal updates.
May 15, 2007 : Build
- updated cookie handling to avoid possible signin errors
- updated "Import from My eBay" dialog to allow multiple selections
- improved "Import from seller" and "Blocked sellers" dialogs
May 09, 2007 : Build
- added conversion rates for different currencies - tooltips in the grid now show approximate prices in the user's local currency.
- fixed an issue with importing from "My eBay".
- updated the "Import from seller" dialog
- updated the "Blocked sellers" dialog
- right-clickiing to block sellers in the grid now opens the "Blocked sellers" dialog
May 07, 2007 : Build
- fixed a bug causing the program to display a message that it has expired to some registered users.
- added a "delete auctions" option in the blocked sellers dialog.
- changed some messages and minor internal improvements.
April 26, 2007 : Build
- fixed a recent bug (since build causing possible program crash after bid.
- fixed a problem highlighting Buy It Now auctions with multiple quantity in the grid.
April 25, 2007 : Build
- fixed a bug causing program crash when deleting items while being refreshed.
- added "mature audiences" categories support (default user must have them enabled).
- fixed a possible "unrecognized auction status" logged when preparing bids.
- improved program start time.
- minor internal updates.
April 19, 2007 : Build
- major update in the eBay signin process to automatically activate only when necessary.
- removed eBay signin from import dialogs where not required.
- fixed a potential signin error when preparing bid in some rare cases.
- updated eBay web page parser.
- some changes to program messages and logs.
- added more information to the error logs for troubleshooting purposes.
- internal code improvements.
March 29, 2007 : Build
- added a "Blocked sellers" filter to mass-imports, so one can exclude auctions from unwanted sellers.
- added more information to error logs for troubleshooting purposes.
- some minor text updates.
March 21, 2007 : Build
- changed all Daylight Savings calculations not to rely on Windows to compensate for older OSes.
- fixed a bug when deleting auctions with conditional bids dependent on them.
- added eBay time synchronization before bidding (only if time has't been synchronized recently).
- added logging of time synchronization differences.
- added the ability to include shipping in total bid for group/multiple bidding.
- fixed a bug logging "unknown status" instead of "auction ended" in some cases.
- added seller feedback in the "Import from seller" dialog.
March 14, 2007 : Build
- minor internal updates.
March 12, 2007 : Build
- added "Location" and "Ships to" columns to the program grid per users' request.
- updated Bid dialog with "Location" and "Ships to" fields, changed links to seller and bid history.
- fixed sellers' feedback positive percentage display in program.
- fixed grid sort by "Total" cost.
March 08, 2007 : Build
- another update prompted by the recent eBay site changes to correct parsing of some bid history pages.
March 06, 2007 : Build
- updated program due to eBay website change today (buy/bid buttons changed on auction pages, hasn't migrated to all eBay servers yet).
March 05, 2007 : Build
- fixed a problem where bids under the minimum were shown as "unknown" status due to an eBay change.
March 02, 2007 : Build
- added support for eBay Poland, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and India.
- fixed outbid alert after cancelling a bid.
- added mouse back/forward capability for the integrated browser
- updated background logic/parsing.
- improved support for auctions with eBay SMI (Safeguarding Member IDs)
February 25, 2007 : Build
- fixed parsing of eBay store items with best offer
- updated bid groups custom refresh time minimum limit to 1 minute
- minor internal text updates
February 19, 2007 : Build
- fixed a bug incorrectly highlighting the high bidder in some cases.
February 16, 2007 : Build
- fixed an issue with the "import from seller" dialog and multiple ebay pages.
- fixed logic for cancelling bids in bid groups for private auctions.
- updated the "default" user setting to have a check mark when adding a single user.
February 10, 2007 : Build
- fixed an issue with multiple/group bid.
- improved mass import backend.
- added bid group to the browser import dialog.
- added optional alert on new scheduled import items.
- added total (high bid + shipping) column to the grid per user requests.
- added support for long non-standard URLs to the internal browser.
- decreased HTTP request timeout when bidding.
February 05, 2007 : Build
- improved eBay page parsing for advanced search imports.
- fixed number of auctinos limit on import from the program dialog.
- fixed long URL import.
- added an optional dialog when importing search results from the browser button to specify a number of auctions.
- added the ability to have no "default" user in the options and bid dialog.
- fixed reserve price auctions logic to properly reflect closed auctions where reserve has been met.
- fixed program logic to default to "buy" if the auction "Buy it Now" price equals the "Bid" price.
- fixed an issue with where some auctions without "Buy it Now" price would default to "Buy" bid dialog.
January 25, 2007 : Build
- improved eBay page parsing for better accuracy.
- improved "reserve price", "private", and "unknown" auction logic.
- added "reserve price not met" icon and tooltips to the auction grid.
- fixed internal program logic to cancel conditional bids if unknown auction status.
- custom shipping is now correctly saved between sessions.
- improved the import algorithm and added ability to exclude some auctions to the dialog.
January 12, 2007 : Build
- improved eBay page parsing for better accuracy.
- major change in the background processes to reduce RAM/CPU usage and synchronize all events properly.
- fixed sorting by bid group.
- fixed a small bug when importing items user has bid on.
- added highlighting of won auctions for multiple item listings.
- added a feature to delete login cookies and re-attempt bidding if it fails for some reason.
- a number of minor internal updates.
December 18, 2006 : Build
- updated ebay login.
- changed program auto-update process to be more robust.
- added another timer to avoid possible time difference between ebay synchronizations.
- minor internal updates.
December 14, 2006 : Build
- fixed a possible login issue with passwords that contain special (non-alphanumeric) charaters.
- added program handling for seller shipping restrictions to specific countries.
- minor eBay page parsing improvements and bug fixes.
- improved check for running duplicate programs.
December 07, 2006 : Build
- updated eBay pages parsing to be more robust and avoid possible auction refresh "parser errors."
December 03, 2006 : Build
- updated bid dialog.
- fixed potential incorrect ebay motors high bidder status after placing a bid.
- fixed potential auction status issue after cancelling a bid and reentering.
- updated item selection after import of auctions using buttons.
- other minor improvements.
November 30, 2006 : Version
- added optional custom shipping. User can now modify the auction shipping to reflect preferred method.
- added tooltips to the grid with total cost (including shipping).
- added program handling for "Digital delivery" shipping method.
- added program handling for possible "Attention buyer" pages before placing bids.
- added the ability to customize the internal browser home page.
- changed the "Options > Connection" menu to "Internet" and added browser settings to it.
- other minor internal improvements.
November 22, 2006 : Version
- added multiple/group bidding - allows for placing the same bid on multiple auctions.
- added "cancel pending bids" to bid group properties.
- added "find seller" to the Find dialog.
- updated selected item after deleting auctions from the grid.
- added ability to paste price into bid dialogs with "CTRL+V".
November 15, 2006 : Version
- update to address eBay page changes to high bidder, price, and end times.
November 10, 2006 : Version
- added "Email Bug Report" function to the Help menu.
- updated error logging format.
- fixed an minor issue with capitalization of ebay IDs in the program not maching that on eBay.
- minor internal changes.
November 02, 2006 : build
- fixed eBay signin errors, prompted by changes to the eBay login process.
- fixed an issue with the internal browser Javascript error popups in some versions of Windows.
- updated the program to correctly parse some pages with a previous proxy bid.
- updated/added to logging of errors.
- removed an advanced user setting for timing of ebay login before placing bids.
- updated the registration dialog, fixed an issue with it not opening a web browser.
October 30, 2006 : build
- changed the eBay time GMT offset to reset to default in the program settings.
- fixed a issue with incorrect program time after some PC power-saving/hibernation modes.
- fixed a bug with thread refresh time showing auctions as closing early for non-US ebay sites.
- fixed a delay with importing auctions ending in less than 15 minutes when "Ending soon" alerts are set.
- fixed double refreshing of some auctions after import.
October 25, 2006 : Version
- added optional integrated browser !
- changed internal time functions to correctly identify all time zones and international eBay sites.
- program will now delete old files in its temp directory.
- fixed the hot key to correctly open the "Flag" menu.
- fixed a bug with scheduled imports on program strart.
- added imported action logging.
Note: Please make sure the "GMT offset" is correct for ebay time (not local time) in "Tools>Options>General".
October 18, 2006 : Version
- added Firefox extension for importing auctions easily.
- added alert for auctions ending soon.
- changed log end time to correspond to the selected eBay site.
- added an option to display the "End Date" column in local instead of eBay time.
- added auto-delete option of old closed auctions after a specified time period.
- added "Flags" column to mark auctions with custom icons for easy identification.
- added option to automatically import scheduled imports on program start.
- added option to minimize instead of closing the program when clicking [X].
- added "Ctrl+A" menu to select all auctions.
- added a link to the AD website in the Help menu.
- added a dialog when changing user password to apply it for all pending bids.
October 06, 2006 : build
- fixed empty "High Bidder" column (and incorrect auction status) caused by eBay website changes.
October 03, 2006 : Version
- added ability to buy "fixed price" and store items directly from the program.
- added ability to buy multiple quantity fixed price items.
- included tooltips/additional indications for "immediate payment required" auctions.
- program now deletes cookies if unsuccessful login due to communication errors.
- added to error logging.
- fixed an issue with sellers column not displaying all sellers.
- fixed an issue with scheduled import if the time is set to 0
August 30, 2006 : build
- updated the "import from search" dialog to support a third type of eBay URLs properly.
- added a "View seller's other auctions" button to the Import dialog.
- changed the tab order in the import dialog, and some internal logic fixes
- added an option to sort auctions after mass importing.
- mass importing to a bid group no longer changes the view filter to that group
- fixed a potential issue with the "Add to bid group" button in the Import dialog.
- fixed a possible double refreshing of auctions after mass import.
August 24, 2006 : build
- fixed an issue with some auctions' shipping information not being recognized.
- updated the program log format and log view window.
August 21, 2006 : version
- NEW! Scheduled import - you can specify for any type of import to be performed automatically on a schedule.
- redesigned the import menus, added even more import options.
- eBay signin session information and cookies are now deleted on program restart to eliminate possible login issues.
- updated the eBay sign in process.
- password mismatch (between the password set in options and the one in the bid dialog) is now logged.
- updated the way the automatic adf backup file is overwritten in case of crash and possible auction data corruption.
August 04, 2006 : version
- NEW! Conditional bid support - specify certain conditions to be met before a bid is placed.
- changed alert on won/closed auctions when importing to the program after placing a bid.
- added message to alert when placing new bids if the bid group winning limit is already reached.
- added "Ctrl+C" and menu item to copy auction numbers to the clipboard.
- changed the default order and width of the new "PayPal" column.
- fixed an issue with the Import button being greyed out by default in the "Import from My eBay" menu.
July 25, 2006 : version
- added support for additional currencies (program now supports 16 different currencies)
- added a "PayPal" column to the auction grid, indicating auctions that accept PayPal payments
- added a separate menu for importing auctions from eBay seller
- added custom refresh timing in the bid group menu (large groups can be set to refresh at larger time intervals)
- the default user is now selected in the import auction menus
- program can be maximized properly
- importing auctions where the high bidder is in the program highlights the line properly
- the "View" drop down window size is now retained between sessions
June 28, 2006 : build
- added an optiion to adjust the "End date" column in the grid to match local eBay sites
- updated the randomization algorithm for auction refresh times.
- program now creates a backup of the currently used .adf file, in case of corruption
- edit/delete bid group buttons are now enabled if the selected auction is in a bid group
- fixed an issue with muting some alerts
- added parser handling for errors in reading auction end time
June 26, 2006 : Version 1.5.1
- added an optiion for users to choose whether to synchronize PC clock
- added group information tooltip to the icon in the auction grid
- added tooltip and link to the bid group properties from the grid column.
- added status information about bid groups in the "Group properties" dialog
- adding new bid groups now does not change the view filter
- slowed down the .adf file access rate to reduce possibility of corruption in case of PC crashes
- fixed an issue when adding users withtout passwords
- fixed a remaining possible time zone issue
- fixed an issue with bid groups winning number being reset after program restart
- fixed a parser error with closed fixed price items with "best offer"
- fixed a possible infinite loop condition when importing auctions that can't be recognized by the program
June 21, 2006 : Version 1.5.0
- split the "outbid" alert into separate alerts (on refresh, and at auction close) for more flexible user control.
- added option for user to supress text alerts
- added recovery algorithm in case of failed eBay login due to communication errors
- fixed a bug where recently registered users using 1.4.9 version may receive an incorrect "trial expired" message.
- fixed a bug with incorrectly displayed Australian time when is selected as the default eBay site.
- changed eBay time synchronization in program to be a separate timer from the PC internal clock
- increased HTTP timeouts for slower internet connections to reduce communication errors.
June 15, 2006 : Version 1.4.9
- updated algorithm for bid groups to avoid conflicts with auctions closing at the same time. If you're using bid groups upgrading is highly recommended
- added more descriptive log messages for bid groups actions
- added "new bid group" sub-menu item for more intuitive adding of bid groups per customers request
- increased ending thread wait timer while auto-updating the program
- changed the default order of columns in the auction grid
- changed eBay timer to use main program thread to further optimize memory/resources use
- changed "Time to Bid" and "Time Remaining" date/time format to mimic eBay's search result pages time format
June 12, 2006 : Version 1.4.8
- added ability to edit users, and save a default user for bidding/importing (when using multiple eBay IDs)
- added parser handling for eBay auctions with "Item Unavailable -- Seller Currently Away"
- updated splash screen to be independent of user font sizes
- fixed possible setup error when installing over a running version of the program, and/or browser
- fixed sorting of the auction grid after importing multiple items, then changing the view filter
June 05, 2006 : Version 1.4.7
- changed the Options>Users dialog not to close when user clicks ENTER.
- changed wording in the "About" dialog and the splash screen for clarity.
- added a tooltip to the eBay/refresh times in the program status bar.
- other minor internal code optimizations.
May 25, 2006 : Version 1.4.6
- fixed minor issue with number control in the "Place Bid" dialog
- fixed bug double-adding first new group.
- changed program not to start minimized on first installation.
May 22, 2006 : Version 1.4.5
- added subtitles of eBay items as tooltip in the "Item Description" column
- updated help file to address small functionality changes with recent versions
- updated image display in "Place bid" dialog to variable height, to mimic eBay's display more accurately
- changed "My max bid" control in the "Place bid" dialog to allow for better mouse integration
- fixed a small issue with possible crash under Windows 9x when program is set to shut down Windows after placing all bids
May 02, 2006 : Version 1.4.4 available.
- changed mass-import dialog wording for clarity
- fixed a small issue with closed/lost auctions refreshing after being closed
- changed IE toolbar to a single icon rather than separate toolbar
- added Quick Start Guide to program Help menu
April 02, 2006 : Version 1.4.3
- updated setup screens for new installation
- updated Quick Start Guide and documentation
- fixed licensing issue on newly installed Windows XP machines when registered by non-administrator.
March 20, 2006 : Version 1.4.2 is available.
- version updated to address eBay site changes in the past 24 hours.
- changed some wording in the registration dialog for clarity.
November 19, 2005 : Version 1.4.1 available.
- changed Place Bid dialog to match eBay's auction display order.
- some minor non-essential internal improvements.
October 14, 2005 : Version 1.4.0 available for download.
- fixed an issue refreshing some auctions due to eBay site changes.
- improved mass import dialogs
- some internal algorithm improvements for better processing of auctions.
October 04, 2005 : Version 1.3.6
- updated parser to address changes to the eBay website.
- changed text headings of the Auction Grid Columns menu.
- added Auction Grid Columns menu to the top text program menus for easier access.
- changed wording and the title of the Place Bid dialog.
September 08, 2005 : Version 1.3.5
- fixed issue signing in, prompted by changes to the eBay website.
- redesigned registration dialog.
July 12, 2005 : Version 1.3.0
- updated parser to address changes to the eBay website.
- new splash screen and updated logo.
- added a warning on shutdown when there are pending bids.
- updated algorithm for time synchronization with eBay when program can't connect to server.
February 08, 2005 : Version 1.2.8
- updated program to address changes to the eBay website.
- updated alerts, split the bid change alert into two separate events.


- older builds of the program are considered obsolete, or internal, and not part of this revision history.
- skipped versions are internal builds with minor changes/improvements.