Auction Defender Testimonials

Find out what our customers are saying about their own experiences with Auction Defender. Below is a list of actual feedback and emails from satisfied users. Please don't hesitate to contact us to express your opinion, suggest new features, or comment on the software.


I have used previous version of AD occasionally over the years, and I was very pleased with AD. I have been using mostly fixed price buying lately, so haven't used AD much. However, now I want an item that is only available by auction, so, I renewed my AD license. I was very pleased to see that you now have web bid support so that I do not have to make sure that my computers are turned on. That is a terrific product improvement! Thank you for making such an outstanding product available for such a reasonable price.

Terry P

I purchased Auction Defender and at first I was hesitant it would work, but it did on the very first Ebay auction I went into. Auction Defender worked first time, straight away.
I got my item at the price I wanted, and fast, it gave me the edge to win.

Thank you Auto Defender Crew

Michael S

Your software is one of the best investments I have ever made after you did those last few fixes :)

Dave F.

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I like this software. Ease of use and I am just really satisfied with the features of this program. I don't use eBay as much as I used to and considered not renewing my subscription. But in the end I value the fact that I can enter an amount I am willing to pay for something and forget about it until I win or lose the auction.
It is so convenient to use and I do not have to worry about getting carried away in auction bidding madness. :)

Regis E.

Just wanted to let you guys know I've had my license for a number of years and your program is the benchmark for how others should be developed and supported. I renew Auction Defender each year without a second thought. Auction Defender has saved me many, many dollars on eBay, and helps me organize my buying. I have 1160+ transactions on eBay so I guess that would qualify me as a "power user" since almost all have been done using Auction Defender. Please keep up the good work!! Y'all have a great program with fantastic support.


Can I also just say that auction defender is outstanding - singly the most useful software I've ever encountered. It is so versatile, really impressed.

Hannah P.

Use AD several times a day. Superb program.
Thanks again for a great product. If you ever need a Beta Tester, here I am.

Stan L.

I think Auction Defender has been a really great time saving tool for our small home business

Steve S.

Just wanted to say "Thank You" for building such a great program! I had been a loyal user of Auction S***** for 6+ years and here lately they have decided that they no longer need paying customers - by their new policies and pricing, I can only assume that they are trying to intentionally put themselves out of business. Whatever their business plan is, it just makes no sense. Anyway, after buying your software and taking a quick tour of all the features, you guys really seem to have a winner. I look forward to using Auction Defender for a long time into the future. Keep up the good work!

Cruz H.

Thank-ya much...I can finally dump bid***** Their service and software has gone to the dogs and I resell my auction finds so now they're just costing me a ton of money.
I appreciate your software...probably more then you'll ever know and its working like a dream. : )

Tmara M.

Great software ... I run it seven days a week 24 hours a day to assist in an ebay business.

Robert W

I have been using Auction S***** for years .... Auction Defender is light years ahead it.

I Williams

Amazing. The fact that you even care about user suggestions brings you light years ahead of most software vendors. I appreciate your efforts.

Jeff C.

I just wanted to drop a digit and say Thank You for your years of service. A very satisfied AD user since 2K7, it would not be just if I didn't say that IMHO your program is the top of the genre, and you are the most diligent programmer I have ever had the pleasure of handing my money to. ;o) It seems everytime I boot up there is a update to fix a new compatability issue from a eBay site update, and furthermore your response time to requests is so fast it's scary.
Thanks for all your hard work and please be sure there must be many who feel as satisfied as I do.

Totally Best Regards!

Matt P.

Thank you for such good support and a brilliant product !

James H

In many very real ways, I regret not finding your program sooner. For whatever reason, your software is not easy to find as a sniping tool, so an inveterate sniper like me would have liked to try it a long time ago. I registered after a two-hour trial. As a long time user of Dan Hite's once-excellent AuctionSentry program, I felt no need to stray; still, I casually looked for the better mousetrap. Then ...
Dan sold his software to Auctiva, which promptly neglected and wrecked the program.

I don't snipe just for fun, I also do so for profit. I was at a loss to find a very fast program with the ability to bid on a number of closely spaced auctions. I collect and sell classic US and Germany stamps, and many listings close within seconds of one another. I use no groups for these since each stamp is unique unto itself. Your program works under this extreme condition better than Dan's software did even when he owned it! I'm also able to bid successfully within 7 seconds.

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!!!

Ken Kreager

I have used Auction Defender for 2 or 3 years and wanted to stay with the program. You have the only snipe program that can snipe in under 7 seconds, you do it in 4!

Karen L.

Thanks for a great program, and your persistance in releasing seemingly zero-hour updates as eBay changes it's site.

Matthew J.

I just downloaded the trial version an I've got to say...thus far I'm really impressed. I was an auction sentry user for years, but for the last few months, ever since its original creator Dan Hite sold the co., the program become really sluggish and filled with errors that were never corrected or corrected so slowly it's not even funny. So, knowing it was apparently the programmer who really made that program a "good" program, and that he was no longer with the company, I decided to do a little searching. I came across your program by accident, but I'm glad I did. I haven't placed a snipe bid yet, but judging by the sheer speed of the refreshes, original program loading, and the great functionality and options overall, I feel this is something I'm going to register after my 14 days are up. So don't ever re-invent the wheel like the new Auction Sentry programmers are apparently trying to do with the programming code, because what you've got going on with your program right now is RIGHT! Good job!


The software is fantastic, it snipes in a 3 second window for me.... I love it and have won numerous auctions due to the last second sniping. Thank you for your quality product from a serious eBayer

Tracy B

We LOVE your application and have told our friends who are EBAYers that it's a must have!

Parri M.

I had limited prior knowledge of this tool, and I would not get hooked by it had AD not offered a fourteen days free trial of a Full Functioning version. I was ready to buy ADS after the first successful bid in my first day trial !

Most other UIs are developer centric, users become their slaves. The UI of AD was developed user centric, that way the user becomes the master.

Yiu C.

I have noticed you do update the program quite frequently when changes are made to the ebay website; the reason for opting for your software above all the others, and I must say it is quite elaborate and straightforward to use both in its user interface and overall usability.


I'm happier than a pig in fresh mud with the Auction Defender program. It has really opened up my personal life whereas I buy a lot from Ebay in Native American jewelry and it's a very competitive market. Your chances of winning an auction in that category by just placing a bid and waiting it out are null. I'd be setting in front of computer at Ebay all evening waiting to bid in final seconds manually.
Thanks for such a great program!


Once again Thanks for AD!! Your attention to keeping the program up to date is simply astounding.

Matt P.

I have been very impressed with the program during evaluation & will be purchasing it. You have done a very good job on the "look & feel" aspect of the design, making it noticeably easier to use in most respects than any competitors I have evaluated. I am also impressed with the speed at which you responded to my Email, as this gives a lot of confidence in the program being maintained in the future to cope with any Ebay changes that might affect it.

Mike W.

I am very impressed that you are able to respond so quickly on a Sunday! This is a great product with outstanding support.
Thanks again!


You guys are geniuses in my book!


I just had to share with you that I let Defender bid on two auctions at the same time that had identical ending times---unusual extreme for sure! But, I wanted both items and had them set up with a final snipe bid at 7 seconds before end of
auction for each item (DSL line). Would you believe I won both items and your Defender sent the snipe bid exactly 7 seconds before item ended and the AMAZING part is it sent those bids in the SAME SECOND. YIKES! There is no way I could have manually done that with a snipe bid. I tip my hat to you folks---excellent job on the software! Use me for a testimonial if you want, you deserve it and my pleasure!


Daryl Holle, Colorado

Keep up the good work. I have not seen a better tool than AD for the purpose for which it is intended. Leaves the competiton for dead.

Phil K.

LOVE your program---it has bought lots of crap for me, ha! I have never taken the time to learn all it can do and need to do that some day. I am just happy this program works for simple buying without assistance and it does that better than anything could possibly be. If I bid enough, AD will indeed get it bought almost every time. I have DSL and set the snipe time to 7 seconds and that has worked very well. It is really close, but that seems to bump out other snipe programs fairly well.


Love the application, great product and personal service. Thank you.


I selected Auction Defender after trying several different programs. I love the rock solid dependable performance. I also appreciate how quickly you all move to make changes when eBay changes things. In my mind, the worst sin a bidding program could have is "lack of reliability" -- Auction Defender has never failed me! I now recommend it to my computer software groups!


Thankfully I found Auction Defender, after trying out almost all the other similar programs that would let you try them out. Auction Defender won out over all the rest, hands down! At least for me! Since I purchased the program (October 2006) I have won 166 auctions, including two very nice ones today....and the day isn't over yet.
If Auction Defender stayed exactly the same as it is would be a tremendous bargain!! For the money paid, and the excellent support, it is the best money spent on an eBay auction program.



Judy G.

I must say, this is the finest program for what it does I have seen. So far, 3 friends are using it (paid) and another says he
will purchase it today. It's this impressive. Thank you so much for this "tool".

Jim M.

I love this program! It's probably already saved me more than the price of registration, not to mention the time saved not having to camp on eBay at the end of an auction.

Thanks for the great program.


Thanks for all of your timely help and support. I tried the latest update. It works great! I'm sold!! Your responsiveness is unparalleled!!!


So far I love it.. sniped a graphics card 3 seconds left in bidding right up under a guy that tried to snipe it in 5 seconds LOL


I just won two auctions at a great price while watching TV :) Thank you for the freedom !

Ken D.

Thanks so much for adding so many of my feature requests. I think it's really great that you actually listen to what people are saying, unlike many other programmers.

George O.

Excellent product. Paid for itself within 15 mins of downloading


You continue to have the best sniper program...I've never lost an auction since using Auction Defender...keep up the good work.

Jeff G.

The ordering process was simple and worked brilliantly. My main compliment is for the snipe accuracy of the software, it executes bids the exact second it is set to. The program works very well, with excellent support.

Rob I.

This is by far the best auction sniping program !

Owen J.

Excellent snipe program - this one is for real. Easy to use, just set it and forget it. Suggested a minor improvenet that made it to the updated version, support is fast to respond.

Program is very accurate too, WORKS GREAT!


What amazing support you people give! And that's the slickest purchase/registration procedure I've seen. Not to mention great software.

Bill Mathews

Auction Defender is the best automatic bidding software I have ever experienced.

Peter van Soest

Thanks for an excellent piece of software craftmanship!

Robert Hercz

Tried a number of different snipers, and Auction Defender has never failed me, works every time. I wouldn't bid without it!

S. Keel

I have been using various sniping tools to run my eBay business since 1999, and this one takes the cake.

With simple ease of use, everything is placed perfectly for me to work at the fast pace I need to in order to compete.

I haven't lost an auction yet, well worth the small amount of $$$. I will be referring this to some of my closer friends who use eBay... I just hope my competitors don't find out about it! LOL

John S.

This program is awesome and so efficient!

Thanks again to you and your crew for all the fast updates.

Alex C.

I am new to te program, but it is easy to learn, and it has helped me a lot!



Auction Defender has saved me counless hours in refreshing and babysitting eBay auctions. Tech support is beyond my expectations.

Software is fantastinc and easy to work with! Thanks!


Not only has it reduced the tedious job of keeping track of auctions and their closing times, but with the IE button it's seamless and easy to add auctions without cutting/pasting numbers.

Program is awsome, thank you for making my life easier !


Best auction software out there, I've tried them all!

Just saved over $100 in only 2 snipes.


Accurate and deadly; that's how I would describe it. I've just won 4 out of 4 auctions in the last 10 seconds !

The interface is clean and functional. Having the multiple auctions information at all times on a single screen is very nice.
Keep your program updated and your prices low :-)


As a new user of Auction Defener, I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with your program.

I have been using eBay for years, but I never had the degree of success I would have liked, expecially for auctions with a high number of bids. Auction Defender has changed all that! If I lose an auction now, it is because I was unwilling to increase my maximum bid, NOT because someone beat me at the last second. Keep up the super work! :)


Just want you to know that your program simply rocks!!! I consider it one of the best purchases I have mada online.

Keep up the great work!


I used another program for eBay sniping, but they decided to drop support and switch to a website type of service, with a monthly fee. I prefer having control, and not paying a subscription, so I tried Auction Defender, and never looked back.

Thanks for the great program.

Mark Swift

I have been using Auction Defender for several months now and I consider it to be one of the best investments I ever made in computer software.

Thank you for a great contribution to the eBay community.


I have been totally ipressed by Auction Defender. I have broadband and I've set it to snipe 4 seconds before auction end, works like a charm!

Derek Evans

I love this program, I never miss bids anymore and it works every time. Couldn't ask for more !

Thank you

D.J. Murphy

Auction Defender is FANTASTIC, love it to bits!! I'm still in a state of shock over the price.... I cant believe something so good is so cheap, sorry about all the praising but I just love it.


Been using the new version since last Friday, and it is great! I really appreciate the super support and updating you are providing on this program. Auction Defendedr has saved me much more than I paid, and my eBay rating is now close to 70!

Thanks again


I purchased a copy of Auction Defender about two months ago ...really enjoy the program.


I just had to let you know that your software is great !

I had almost given up on eBay, but using Auction Defender makes bidding so easy... Yeah Baby !!!

Laura F.

Downloaded Auction Defender on Saturday...

WOW what an awesome program!

Tim W.

I only wanted to say thank you for a fantastic program. I am going to register it within the end of the evaluation period.

Thanks again and I hope you can continue to develop this wonderful software :)

Greetings from Italy !


Just wanted to let you know that I have started using Auction Defender for sniping and auction management and it is absolutely incredible. It is so much better than some of the other software I've used and it's so much easier than monitoring all those auctions. I love it and it, thank you!

Teresa J.

I would like to congratulate you on a great program. I've used ********, ****** ******, and a few others, you name it. Nothing comes close.

Randall Sharp



Please feel free to contact us to express your opinion, suggest new features, or comment on the software.