Auction Defender Free Download

Thank you for your interest in downloading Auction Defender, the ultimate eBay auction tracking, bidding, and sniping software.

To download Auction Defender, simply click the link below to save the setup file to your computer. After downloading, run the setup file to install the software. You can use Auction Defender 3 in limited mode completely FREE ! (running it without a license limits you to 2 snipes per week & 100 auctions). The full functionality of the program can be easily unlocked by purchasing a license from our website. Alternatively, you can download the freeware version, feature comparison is available -here-.


Auction Defender Auction Defender 3 - the newest complete stable version of Auction Defender! It includes both the pro version, and a completely FREE limited mode (100 auctions & 2 snipes per week) for non-registered/expired users.

You will need to register a username/password on our website to take advantage of the full functionality of the software.
Documentation for setup, using and uninstalling the software is available -here-. Downloading and using the Auction Defender Software implies consent to the AD Software End User License Agrement, incorporated here by reference.
As always, we appreciate any feedback, bug reports and suggestions..
File size 31.85 Mb
Last updated 2021.05.26
MD5-checksum f6ae14718f65347d60fcb9b775db0993
Operating Systems Works with Windows 7/8/10 (x86 and x64)
Revision history revisions
Optional downloads Auction Defender update - update to the latest version, requires previous Auction Defender 3 installation.
AD Chrome extension
AD Firefox extension
Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable DLLs - install only if you get DLL errors when launching AD with older Windows versions, you may need the "vc_redist.x86.exe".


The latest version is always available from our website:

Alternate download mirror location for AD3 from CNET:

Get it from CNET!


Auction Defedner Vista/XP Auction Defender Setup (Windows Vista/XP)
Auction Defender Update (Windows Vista/XP)
Auction Defender 3 for Windows Vista/XP installations. To update Auction Defender to version 3.2+ under Windows XP/Vista, download and run this setup/update. Note the Windows XP version is smaller and does not integrate a broweser.
File size 1.68 Mb
Last updated 2019.11.03
Operating Systems Works with Windows XP/2000/Vista (x86 and x64)



To use the full functionality of the program, you can register and purchase a license here: Auction Defender Registration
To transfer your existing 2.x license, simply use your registered email address when signing up for an account.

Please feel free to with any questions, comments, or suggestions about improving the program.