How to contact us

We try to respond to Technical Support questions the same day we receive them. We are always glad to receive comments and improvement suggestions, please do not hesitate to give us your opinion of Auction Defender. Tell us what you like/dislike about the program, what you'd like to see in future versions, what features you haven't been able to find. Your feedback and suggestions are a very important part of helping us understand issues and improve the software for the benefit of all users.


Technical support E-mail


Note: Please make sure that your anti-spam measures are not blocking, so you can see our emails. If you do not receive a registration/license email, that is the most likely reason. Please note that we try, but may not be able to personally respond to each bug report. We do take bug reports very seriously and work on resolving every user issue that is submited to us.


Reporting bugs
To report a bug with the software, please use the "Tools > Email Bug Report" menu in the program. It emails AD support, attaches the program log, any recently logged errors, and gives you a chance to describe the problem as well. Alternatively, you can email . Please try to be descriptive when reporting errors.

Please include the following information:
- A detailed description of the problem.
- Please try to confirm if the bug is repeatable.
- The version of Auction Defender you're running.
- Your Operating System, general computer specs, internet connection speed, screen shots, and any other relevant information that would help illustrate/reproduce the problem.
- If you're not using the "Help > Email Bug Report" menu, please also attach a copy of the log.txt file located in the "Application Data" directory on your computer. (usually C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Auction Defender\ or C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Auction Defender) and any error files from within that folder (...Auction Defender\Temp\