Auction Defender eBay Sniper Screen shots

Below are some actual screen shots of the program, intended as a quick overview of its main features.

Main Screen

The main screen allows for monitoring multiple auctions from a single, efficient interface. Alerts on high-bid changes, refresh rate of the information, and the entire look and feel of the grid can be customized from the Options menu.


Integrated browser

The main screen also includes an internal browser that you can use if you prefer. It allows for viewing auction pages directly from within the program.


Placing Bids

You can place bids with just a few keystrokes, most of the information is already entered for you.


Mass-Importing of Auctions

Auction Defender allows for mass-importing of auctions from any eBay search results page... Just do your favorite searches, and import the results with the click of a button. You can even save the URL of the search for importing again at a later date.


My eBay Importing

You can also import auctions watched in "My eBay", or from a specified seller.


Scheduled Importing of Auctions

You can specify for the program to automatically import from your "My eBay" page, or even any eBay search results on a schedule. You can have all new auctions that meet your predefined criteria imported into the program automatically!


Bid Groups

Bid groups allow you to win only a limited number out of a larger set of auctions. Once the winning limit is reached, remaining pending bids are cancelled automatically.


Conditional Bids

In addition to bid groups, Auction Defender supports conditional bidding, allowing for great flexibility in setting rules for when bids are to be executed. Below is an illustration of the conditional bidding dialog


Program Settings

The Options menu allows for customizing all of the program's features, such as the default snipe time, default eBay user id(s), alerts, color schemes, columns displayed in the main grid, etc.


Custom Views

The "View" menu allows for customizing what auction listings you want displayed in the main grid.


Adding Auctions

You can add auctions with the click of a button directly from Internet Explorer or Firefox. You can even import multiple auctions from a list of search results !




The above screenshots are intended just as an overview of some of the main program screens. For a more complete feature list, see the online program documentation, or simply install a free trial copy of the software.